January 26, 2017

I only had a very short time to spend in the Plantation today so I didn’t go far. I concentrated on lichens and fungi instead of trees. It was such a beautiful sunny day! The honeysuckle leaves are just starting to show. I did find some new ash trees, actually, which is interesting since there are so few of them on the Plantation. They are there and they are trying hard to grow, but between the roe deer and ash die back , they don’t have much of a chance. And speaking of deer, I had to chase three of them out of my garden yesterday afternoon! I found several more good specimens of graphus alboscripta on birch; I have noticed that it thrives mainly on young birch trunks. The bark of the more mature trees becomes too rough for it. I also found it on one willow tree. Next time I go I will try to remember to take a bag with me for rubbish that I find…

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  1. Well done for collecting the rubbish and extending the range of trees on which graphus alboscripta grow. It shows how diverse a woodland can be.

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