Otter killed on the road in front of ancient woodland

This is a female otter that was hit by a car (there are plenty going through Balmaha!). It was found on the 1st November, 2016 at 10.19 and reported to the Research Station. Probably killed the night before.
It was most likely making its way to a holt in the woodland. Hope that it did not have any cubs.

This underlines the need to preserve the woodland site.
Forestry Enterprise Scotland (FES) destroyed the holt in the woodland while clearing rhododendrons, according to an ecology report, in spite of the presence of the holt having been reported to them. The question that I ask is why would they clear rhododendrons around the holt if they knew of its existence?

Does clearing rhododendrons have more value than preserving the habitat and nesting site of a protected species? Actually, the real question is whether removing alien species at the cost of destroying a protected species’ localised habitat or nesting site allowed at all? Lets discuss.


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